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SET™ has additional resources that provide comprehensive information: Intellectual Property, Patents and IP Licensing; Technical, Reference and White Paper PDFs; videos on the SET™ Framework and Parallelization Approach; as well as a robust FAQ.

SET™ Intellectual Property and IP Licensing

SET™ is a patented technology.

US Pat. 8,082,289
US Pat. 8,140,612
US Pat. 8,402,083
US Pat. 8,676,877
US Pat. 10,333,768

Europe Patent 2027543
Japan patent 4995902
Japan patent 6014090
and Patents Pending. 

SET™ is an increasingly widespread technology. ACS offers the intellectual property of SET™ (Including source codes of available SET™ software libraries) to third parties via flexible IP licensing models. Contact us for details. 

SET™ Documents

SET™ Video

Real-Time Visualization, Steering and Control of a Simulation Parallelized with MPI. This short movie is a demonstration of the interactive features of the Supercomputing Engine Technology™ framework, applied to Conway's classic "Game of Life", a life-like cellular automata. For illustrative purposes, 8 processors are running the Game of Life in parallel with linear domain decomposition, so that life migrates between neighboring processors (1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc.). All processors have all-to-all connections via MPI, yet are controlled by and viewed via a "Front End". Then the user adds life forms into the processor selected in green, ultimately affecting the overall simulation while it runs in parallel.

This short movie describes the parallelization approach of SET™, narrated by Dr. Dean Dauger, ACS CTO.

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