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Advanced Cluster Systems and its Revolutionary Software Technology

Advanced Cluster Systems (ACS) builds unique parallel programming tools for Multicore, Clusters and Supercomputers. ACS's SET™ (Supercomputing Engine Technology™) is a software development framework and implementation library for writing high-performance code required to leverage parallelism in hardware. This innovative software framework not only makes parallel programming virtually as simple as sequential programming, but also offers unique and powerful supercomputing technology enhancements to software applications. Leveraging the latest advancements in increasing Internet speed, the SET™ framework harnesses remote computing clusters and Cloud resources so that applications on desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers and mobile devices seamlessly command true high-performance computing solutions*.

*SET™ is a patented technology.

SET™ is an enabling technology which provides RTIM™ (Real-Time Interactive MPI) capability, for creating next-generation MPI-based HPC applications which can be interactively steered, controlled and visualized in real-time — like interactive OpenMP codes — to allow clusters and supercomputers to run fully interactive applications and/or be utilized as scientific instruments.

SET is a trademark of Advanced Cluster Systems
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